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Demolition of Illegal Construction in Santosha Apartments Begins

Workers line up outside Santosha Complex in Patna to begin demolition work of the top three floors of the building.

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Patna: After months of high drama of 'will it or won't it happen', authorities in Patna on Tuesday finally began the demolition work of the Santosha Apartment Complex in Bandar Bagicha nearly four months after the Supreme Court upheld that the 6th, 7th, and 8th floors of the building were constructed in violation of the original blueprint of the structure.

{gallery}newsimages2016/jul/071916{/gallery}Showing no emotions towards the residents who lost their place that had been their homes for more than two decades; Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) Commissioner Abhishek Singh said that the whole process should be regarded as a lesson to the unscrupulous builders who think they are above the law.

Singh also said that he hoped the incident was a lesson to those who were planning to buy flats in multi-storied buildings.

"I hope they are more careful from now on when they are buying a flat," he said.

By the end of the day, nearly two-third of the top three floors were demolished with the help of 70 workers in the presence of senior engineers, electricians, and plumbers.

"We have been extremely careful in making sure the legal occupants of the first five floors are not disturbed or bothered by the demolition work. The work will continue on Wednesday and if needed on Thursday. We are very pleased how smooth things are going on. Even the current occupants have been full of praise for us for not disturbing their lives more than required," a senior PMC engineer told the media.


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