Bihar Speaker Stresses the Need for Spreading Awareness about Prohibition

Speaker Vijay Kumar Chowdhary speaking at the women MLA's seminar on Monday.

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Patna: Bihar Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Chowdhary, speaking at a workshop of women legislators under the banner of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) in Patna on Monday, stuck to boilerplate rhetoric related to women empowerment saying instead of worrying about every small things, it was imperative to 'move together in the right direction'.

"So long we are not serious about issues affecting women, there is no point in having any discussion," the Janata Dal – U leader stated the obvious adding one could not expect to solve women's problems if the talks remained limited to the meeting halls.

Turning his attention towards prohibition in Bihar, Chowdhary said it was imperative that people changed their mindset to understand the real value of ban of alcohol in the state.

"We will have to go from village to village to spread awareness about the merits of prohibition. It is true that our society is largely male-dominated but if we continue to work for the empowerment of women, I am sure success will be ours one day. Unfortunately, sometimes it's the women who discriminate against other women in the society. They think dowry is a social evil when it comes to marrying their daughters but when it comes to their sons, the same women do not hesitate in making dowry demands," the Speaker said.


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