Patna: Once again acting like Bihar was the personal property of the ruling party in the state, a legislator belonging to the Janata Dal – U on Wednesday said that he would not allow any Union Minister to 'enter Bihar' unless the Narendra Modi-led Central government provided flood relief package as demanded by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Sanjay Singh, a JD-U MLC and Kumar's personal attack agent designated to ward off any criticism from the opposition, slammed the Center saying despite repeated appeal by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, the Modi administration had failed to send any money towards flood relief in Bihar.

"There are a number of Union Ministers in the NDA government who are visiting Bihar almost on a daily basis and are conducting surveys of the flood-affected areas. If the Center does not send a flood relief package soon, we will have to ban these leaders entry into Bihar," Singh said.

Accusing the Central government of having discriminatory attitude towards Bihar, Singh said that while the Modi administration was swift on sending flood relief package to Jammu and Kashmir, it was dilly-dallying on similar package to Bihar that is facing the worst flood situation in its history.

Singh also threatened to ambush Prime Minister Modi in New Delhi to force him to announce relief package for Bihar.

Neeraj Kumar, JD-U MLC, also made similar allegations against the Modi government saying the Prime Minister was being vindictive and was intentionally ignoring the flood woes of Bihar to settle political scores with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

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