Nitish Hypocrisy on Prohibition Exposed; Says BJP Leader

File photos of BJP leader Nand Kishore Yadav and JD-U spokesperson Neeraj Kumar.

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Patna: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday slammed Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for bending his own law by arresting the Excise official in Nalanda district who arrested a Janata Dal – U leader following the recovery of 168 bottles of liquor from his home during a raid last Wednesday.

Former state minister and senior BJP leader Nand Kishore Yadav, showing his disgust at the apparent double standard of Nitish Kumar over his draconian prohibition policies, said that while the Chief Minister had previously ordered the arrest of an entire family in the event of the slightest violation of the new Excise law, he was going all out to protect his own party leader by arresting the official and accusing him of planting evidence in his home.

"Nitish Kumar, at the very first real test of his conviction involving prohibition, utterly failed when he ordered the arrest of the Excise official who was only doing his job. The Chief Minister now stands exposed of his empty rhetoric. His entire government machinery is now engaged in saving Indrajeet Sen, the JD-U leader in Harnaut that also happens to be the home turf of the Chief Minister," Yadav said.

Accusing Kumar of covering up the entire incident to save embarrassment, the BJP leader said that it was impossible for anyone to sneak in anyone's home and plant not one, not two but 168 bottles of liquors without being seen or caught by anyone.

Predictably, the JD-U leadership went into overdrive to defend Yadav's allegations.

Party media face Neeraj Kumar denied any charges of wrongdoing. Instead, he said that the new Excise laws clearly stated that any official who was found abusing his prohibition powers were subject to severe punishment as provisioned in the law.

"Reports say Indrajeet Sen was framed by arresting officer Deepak Kumar after which he was arrested. If the BJP has proof that the government is trying to protect the JD-U leader then it should make it public," Neeraj Kumar said.

The officer has maintained his innocence denying allegation of a conspiracy made by the JD-U camp.


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