The Architect of the New Prohibition Policies Seeks Relief from his Post

Excise Principal Secretary K K Pathak seen behind Chief Minister Nitish Kumar during the announcement of new prohibition laws last April.

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Patna: Causing the first dent in the new avatar of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar – a man with the solo agenda of wiping off every trace of alcohol from the state – K. K. Pathak, the Excise and Prohibition Principal Secretary who literally formulated the new prohibition policy of Bihar, asked for an extended leave after expressing disappointment at the abuse of the law in the hands of government officials.

Pathak, who went on a sudden leave after the arrest of an Excise official in Nitish Kumar's home turf of Nalanda district following the raid and subsequent arrest of a Janata Dal – U operative, sought an extension in his sick leave on Friday.

Credible sources said the Chief Secretary felt the new Excise laws were abused in the arrest of Excise Sub-inspector Dipak Kumar who carried out the raid at JD-U leader Indrajeet Sen's house in Harnaut in Nalanda district leading to his arrest under the new prohibition laws.

Though a court later granted bail to the sub-inspector while denying bail to the JD-U leader, the incident acted as a wakeup call to Pathak who went on an unplanned leave on September 3.

As reported, in a letter to the Chief Minister, Pathak, a 1990-batch IAS officer, has sought being replaced by someone else saying he would like to be relieved of his duties on personal grounds.

It may be recalled that on August 30, Excise official Dipak Kumar carried out the raid at Indrajeet Sen's house in Harnaut and recovered 168 bottles of liquor from his home prompting his immediate arrest under the new prohibition laws.

Realizing Sen was the president of the local JD-U body, the District Magistrate and the Superintendent of Police (SP) in Nalanda district, at the directives from senior JD-U leaders who remain unnamed, charged Dipak Kumar of hatching a conspiracy against Sen and arresting him on false charges after planting bottles of liquor at his home.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, realizing one of his own men was arrested on the newly-imposed draconian prohibition laws, chose to remain silent over the issue to avoid any controversy.


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