Two Arrested while Trying to Cash Counterfeit Check for Rs. 50 lakh

Two men arrested for trying to cash fake check in Patna on Tuesday.

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Patna: Quick thinking on the parts of Punjab National Bank employees in Patna, authorities arrested two con men who were trying to cash a fake check of Rs. 50 lakh from the Patanjali Ayurved Limited account owned by yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

The incident occurred at the Shastri Nagar branch of the bank when two men who were identified as Sudhir Kumar and Ritesh Kumar arrived at the bank and tried to cash a check for Rs. 50 lakh.

Seeing the large amount on the check, the bank manager became a little suspicious. A little digging revealed the check was counterfeit and the two men were not the employees of the Patanjali Ayurved Limited.

The manager, while keeping the two men busy in small talks, called the police.

In no time, Khagaul police station in-charge Dhirendra Pandey and his team arrived at the bank and arrested Sudhir and Ritesh who admitted of being a part of a gang that excels in making counterfeit checks of various large businesses and had been running the scam defrauding different companies to the tune of several crore rupees.

Two other men who were waiting outside in a getaway car fled the scene seeing the police approaching the bank.

A man employed by the Patanjali Ayurved Limited, Patna branch, is also being sought by the police for his possible involvement in the scam.


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