Patna Mayor Admits Irregularities in Drainage Cleaning

Patna Mayor Sita Sahu holding a meeting in Patna on Sunday.

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Patna: Two months after she was voted into the office of Patna's mayor, Sita Sahu on Sunday admitted there had been irregularities in drainage work in the state capital leading to massive water-logging in many areas.

"It is evident that those responsible for cleaning up underground drainage have not done their job to our satisfaction that has resulted in water-logging in many areas even after rain stopped several days ago. We are trying to identify all those who were entrusted to clean the drains after which appropriate actions will be taken against them," the Mayor said.

Reiterating her pledge to make Patna a clean city, Sahu blamed illegal encroachment over underground drainage causing it very difficult to clean them when required.

She also railed against illegal billboards throughout the city saying many of them were reportedly put illegally without the consent of the Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC). Many of these large hoardings obscured the view of many of the CCTV cameras across the state capital, she said.

Directing officials to take a complete inventory of all the billboards in Patna, the Mayor said appropriate legal actions would be taken against those who were found to be in violation of various city laws.

Interestingly, Sahu revealed her personal email account (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for people to file complaint against cleanliness, water-logging, garbage disposal and other banes Patna is blessed with.

Like previous mayors, Sahu talked about covering all open manholes in the city at a cost of Rs. 22 lakh and installing street lights in all areas.


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