Patna: Police in Patna arrested 15 men on a slew of charges, including disturbing peace outside the Chief Minister's residence on Saturday, after they breached the security details on 1 Anne Marg when Nitish Kumar was holding meeting with his party members to announce his party's decision to officially join the BJP-led NDA.

Among those taken into police custody were Vinod Yadav, Rahul Kumar Suraj Kumar, Mohammad Shahid, Dipak Kumar, Bittu Kumar, Chhotu Kumar, Roshan Raj, Rohit Kumar, Vinay Kumar, Mohammed Talib, Sonu Kumar, Mohammed Talib, Utpal Kumar, Anik Kumar, and Arvind Kumar.

The arrests were made after police identified these men, allegedly Sharad Yadav and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) supporters, through surveillance videos obtained from CCTV cameras in the area.

Police also seized nine motorcycles and an SUV that were used during the Saturday incident that led to a minor skirmish between the protestors and the security guards.

Sharad Yadav, the former President of the Janata Dal – U, also an ex-friend and supporter of Nitish Kumar, after arriving from Delhi at the Patna Airport last Saturday, was moving in his motorcade to go to Sri Krishna Memorial Hall to participate in an anti-Nitish program when his supporters stopped at the Chief Minister's residence on 1 Anne Marg and tried to force their entries into the building with the intention to disrupt the party meet when security guards jumped into action and chased them away.

Police said it had identified at least forty people and raids were on to arrest them.

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