Patna: Hoping to capitalize on the BJP's decision to keep Janata Dal – U leaders at bay from the latest expansion of the Modi administration at the Center, RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav, at a press conference at his home in Patna on Sunday, tried to pour salt in Nitish Kumar's wounds saying Prime Minister Narendra Modi had obviously not forgotten about how poorly he was treated by the JD-U leader during the last Lok Sabha elections.

"Modi did the right thing by rejecting the invitation of Nitish Kumar when the Prime Minister was visiting flood zone in North Bihar last week. He has not forgotten how Nitish cancelled the pre-scheduled state dinner with him at the last minute in a move that was meant to insult the BJP leader. It is also clear that Narendra Modi has not forgotten how Nitish Kumar returned the check for Rs. 5 crore to Gujarat which it had given to Bihar towards flood relief fund. Modi got his revenge today when he not only did not include any JD-U leader in the cabinet, he also, as per Nitish Kumar himself, did not invite the Chief Minister for the oath-swearing ceremony in Delhi," the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief said.

Mocking the JD-U leaders, the former Chief Minister of Bihar said that it was comical to see how some members of the party had already ordered new Kurta and Pajama for the oath ceremony in Delhi only to be snubbed by Modi and Shah at the last minute.

Hoping to keep driving wedge between Kumar and the Prime Minister, Yadav further said that Modi had understood what kind of person he was and now he would give Kumar the treatment that he deserves.

"BJP leaders in Bihar have apprised Modi and Amit Shah about how Nitish was trying to form a majority by trying to break the Congress Party in the state. Now no one trusts him, not even the BJP and who can blame them after what he did to the BJP first and then to the Grand Alliance?" Yadav said.

Predicting a man cut down to size under the NDA administration, the RJD President whose family is facing CBI investigations in a series of corruption cases, said that Nitish Kumar will be the CM in name only while the BJP will pull all the strings.

"Under the Mahagathbandhan government, Nitish Kumar had all the freedom to take any decision. It won't be the same under NDA," he said.

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