Chief Minister Responds to Lalu's Trolling

Nitish Kumar, in a file photo from June 2017, conveying his wishes to Lalu Prasad Yadav on his 70th birthday.

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Patna: Reacting to Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav's allegation that he was engineering a plot to split the Congress Party in the state in an attempt to bolster his own party's standing within the NDA, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday said that Yadav was in the habit of making such baseless allegations that were not grounded in truth or reality.

"Lalu Prasad Yadav, who is once again unemployed, is desperate to remain in news. What he is trying to do is demoralize the Congress to ensure the party of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi remains under his beck and call. He has a long history of treating the Congress leaders as pushovers who could be easily manipulated and this allegations about me trying to split the Congress in Bihar is yet another attempt by him to make sure Congress leaders continue to patronize him," the Chief Minister said.

Denying he had anything to do with the turmoil within the Congress Party, Kumar said that he was deeply committed to the development of Bihar and he neither had the time nor interest in splitting Congress or any other party in the state.

The Janata Dal – U leader also blamed the media for putting out false reports about JD-U leaders possibly being included in the latest expansion and reshuffle of the Narendra Modi cabinet.

"We had no expectations from the Modi government since we joined the NDA only a couple of weeks ago. This was never even in the making but the media went out and made up reports without ever asking us even once. It would nice for a change if the reporters first confirmed with us before printing reports based on pure speculations," Kumar said.

As reported yesterday, RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav, before a crowd of reporters at his residence, teased the Chief Minister saying the Prime Minister was getting even with him for insulting him repeatedly during and after the last Lok Sabha elections.

"Modi did the right thing by rejecting the invitation of Nitish Kumar when the Prime Minister was visiting flood zone in North Bihar last week. He has not forgotten how Nitish cancelled the pre-scheduled state dinner with him at the last minute in a move that was meant to insult the BJP leader. It is also clear that Narendra Modi has not forgotten how Nitish Kumar returned the check for Rs. 5 crore to Gujarat which it had given to Bihar towards flood relief fund. Modi got his revenge when he not only did not include any JD-U leader in the cabinet, he also did not invite the Chief Minister for the oath-swearing ceremony in Delhi," Yadav told the press yesterday.


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