Police Foils Robbery, Murder Attempt in Patna; Six Arrested

Tara Khatoon, a maid, along with five others, arrested for taking part in the planning of a crime at her employer's home.

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Patna: Police in Patna, after nearly a week-long effort, arrested six persons, including one woman for conspiring to commit armed robbery at the house of one retired professor and planning to kill all the residents so as not to leave any witness who could identify them.

Six persons arrested before they could carry out their next act of crime.At a press conference at the police headquarters, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Manu Maharaj said that the arrested men were overheard planning their next act of crime that involved committing armed robbery at the house of retired A N College English professor Nuruddin Ashraf at his residence in Gardanibagh and killing him and other members of the family in the process.

"The plan was hatched by gang leader Faizan Khan, a.k.a. Munna whose wife Tara Khatoon worked as a maid at the house of Professor Ashraf. Through her, Munna figured out that the family kept a large amount of cash at home along with jewelries to the tune of several lakh rupees. Last Sunday, he summoned his partners in crime to a tea stall not too far from Prof. Ashraf's house where he laid out his plan to commit robbery and to kill the residents. Their conversation was overheard by another customer at the tea shop who called the police and informed them about Munna's plan," the SSP said.

Retired Prof. Nurudding Ashraf.After that, the police deputed two plain-clothed cops at the tea stall to keep an eye on any suspicious activity while also placed a cop outside the professor's home. The break finally came on Tuesday when the police detained two men from the same tea shop. During the search of their homes, police recovered two loaded country-made pistols and some live cartridges, the SSP said.

Based on their accounts, police raided the home of Munna but he somehow managed to escape. His wife Tara, whose job was to provide all the information about the intended victims, was arrested along with three other men from various locations in Patna, police said.

Arrested men were identified as Tara Khatoon, Suraj Kumar of Saristabad, Gardanibagh resident Surya Kant, Phulwari resident Vijay Kumar and Ranjit Kumar, and Naubatpur resident Phulendra Kumar.


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