Blame Your Husband for Your Family's Woes; Says JD-U Leader to Rabri Devi

JD-U spokesperson Neeraj Kumar holding a press conference in Patna.

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Patna: Reacting to Rabri Devi's yesterday utterance that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Janata Dal – U leaders could shoot and kill her and her family members, JD-U spokesperson Neeraj Kumar, at a press conference in Patna on Saturday said that Rabri Devi needed to stop being so melodramatic and start blaming her own husband who, with his actions in the past, destroyed her family that is on the verge of being jailed.

"No one is conspiring to kill you or your family, it is all the result of your husband Lalu Prasad Yadav's misdeeds that has put your family in jeopardy. What goes around, comes around. Prepare to pay the price for all the wrong things you and your husband have done," Kumar said.

Dismissing Rabri Devi's allegations as overly melodramatic, the JD-U leader said that if she felt there was a conspiracy against her family then she should be knocking the door of a court instead of making nonsensical statements that goes on to prove that this family is yet to learn anything from its mistakes.

"If you feel a conspiracy to kill you is being hatched then no one is stopping you from going to a court and present your evidence. Let the court decide whether there is a conspiracy against you and your family or it is your family's long history of corruption that has landed you in trouble," he said.

The JD-U spokesperson said that he could understand that Rabri Devi is currently under tremendous stress since, thanks to her husband, her young children and even son-in-law have become accused in corruption cases and are preparing to be sent to jail.

"The path they chose in their lives leads straight to the jail and instead of blaming everyone else, Rabri Devi should be blaming her own husband," he said.


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