Doctors Feel Threatened by Pappu Yadav's War against Them

Madhepura MP Pappu Yadav issues threat to medical professionals in Bihar.

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Patna: A day after he and his supporters brought the East-Central Railways on the Howrah-Mughalsarai division to its knees by sitting on railway tracks for hours in protest against rising crime and the sand policy of the state government, Jan Adhikar Party (JAP) leader Pappu Yadav declared war on the medical system of Bihar saying it was marred with corruption and a source of making money at the cost of the lives of sick patients.

Speaking at a press conference in Patna, Yadav, an MP from Madhepura, said his party would launch a decisive war against massive irregularities, loot, and corruption in the healthcare system of Bihar that has been robbing people blind in the name of nursing home and unnecessary medical tests.

"Healthcare in Bihar under this administration has become a money-minting venture where doctors and nursing home owners, in collusion with the local police, rob hapless families of patients thus turning a service sector into a profit-turning business centers and will fight against it," he said urging the public to bodily harm doctors or their assistants if the treatment was not to their satisfaction.

Always ready to launch yet another 'bandh' or 'chakka jam' to make his presence felt, Yadav said that his party would observe a 'Bihar Bandh' on January 6 to demand reservation in jobs based on economic factors and public release of the census data broken down by caste.

Prominent doctors say they feel threatened by Pappu Yadav's criminal agenda against medical fraternity.

Meanwhile, doctors in Patna led by Indian Medical Association (IMA) chairperson Dr. Sahajanand held their own press conference saying due to the threatening and criminal nature of Yadav's tone, doctors in Bihar were afraid to continue their practice.

"We are afraid of our lives due to the threats issued by Pappu Yadav. Under these circumstances, we cannot treat patients without thinking about harm to us or our family members. We have decided to meet with the Chief Minister to ask him for protection and if he refuses to listen to our complaints then we will do what is best for the medical fraternity in Bihar," Dr. Sahajanand said.


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