Seven Arrested in the November 22 Killing of Patna Businessman

Patna SSP Manu Maharaj holding a press meet following the arrest of Patna businessman's killers.

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Patna: The city police on Tuesday busted the murder case of Jitendra Kumar Gandhi, the owner of Khadim showroom in Raja Bazaar, wide open with the arrest of two men who pulled the trigger along with four others belonging to the same gang.

Authorities were able to identify the killers based on the careful scrutiny of many hours of surveillance footage gathered from the area where the crime had taken place, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Manu Maharaj said.

The arrested men were identified as Lali and Pintu of the notorious Lali gang. Based on their revelations, police arrested five more men from Fatuha area bringing the total number of arrests to seven.

During their interrogation, Lali admitted of killing Gandhi while also admitting it was his gang that recently robbed Fatuha rice distributor Raj Kishore Prasad of Rs. 15 lakh at gun point.

Four men of the Lali gang arrested from Fatuha.

Police have recovered four pistols, ten bullets, several cell phones, and a looted motorbike, among other items.

As reported, Gandhi, after closing his shop for the day, was going to his home with his son on his motorbike on the night of November 22 when four criminals on two motorcycles forced them to stop and tried to snatch the bag from Gandhi's possession. When Gandhi resisted, Lali pulled a gun and shot him in his head from a close range.

Gandhi died on the spot.

The SSP said that going by the security camera footage obtained from the area, it was evident that Lali and his thugs had scouted the showroom owner's activities for some day before going ahead with their plan to rob and kill Gandhi.

The gang also admitted of murdering one Gauri Shankar Singh on December 7 under Hilsa police station and robbing a truck loaded with 'daal' in Harnaut on November 17. They also admitted of killing a farmer in Naubatpur on the same day.


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