Beautification of Patna's Gandhi Maidan Begins

Patna Development Commissioner Anand Kishore reviewing developmental work at Gandhi Maidan in Patna.

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Patna: Patna Divisional Commissioner Anand Kishore was present at Patna's Gandhi Maidan on Thursday to oversee the commencement of renovation and beautification work that the Nitish government had been talking about since the day it came in power nearly 12 years ago.

Talking to the reporters, Kishore said that the development of Gandhi Maidan would be completed by June of 2018 when it will boast of over 150 iron and wood benches for the convenience of the Maidan visitors along with 60 lights to keep the entire field lit during the night time.

Other plan to beautify the Maidan includes removal of the concrete walkway and pavements inside the field and replacing it with checkered red tiles that adds to the overall ambiance of a family-friendly park.

The beautification plan has been in the pipeline for several years with many plans thrown into the hat only to be tossed out later. With the local administration not certain about the direction it wanted to go, it has tried to turn the Maidan into a business hub by allowing 'handicraft fair' and 'book fair' at times while, at other times, projecting it as a place where young boys and girls could come and learn martial arts. It has also tried to secure the Maidan into a safe zone by installing dozen or more CCTV cameras only to realize later that those cameras were no longer functional in the lack of proper upkeep.

With a large chunk of the sprawling Maidan carved out for political events and nearly non-stop organization of fairs of different flavors in other parts, it remains to be seen what this beautification process adds to the city.


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