Brick Kiln Owners Protest against State's e-Challan Policy

Protest by brick-kiln owners in Patna over state's e-Challan policy.

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Patna: Members of the Bihar Brick Builders Association in Patna on Thursday held a state-wide meeting to protest the state government's e-Challan policy under the new mining laws that they said were not only unfair to the industry but also did not apply to brick kiln owners.

"Making bricks in a kiln is not mining of our soil so why does this new policy even apply to us," asked association President Shyam Kumar Ojha.

Describing the new e-Challan policy as unfair, Ojha said that the implementation of these new rules entirely depended on the computerization of the existing system whereas the fact remained that most of the brick kilns were in areas where electricity was yet to arrive.

"This is just another extortion scheme by the state government as police will now have free hand to harass us in the name of the rule of law. If they really wanted to implement it properly, they could have set a timeframe of two years which would have given us to technologically prepare for it," Ojha said.

The protestors later organized a rally against the new mining laws at the Kargil Chowk saying due to the new rules, they were not able to obtain sand that is required in the manufacturing of bricks.


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