Pappu Yadav Threatens to Resign from Lok Sabha

Madhepura MP Pappu Yadav talking to press reporters in Patna on Friday.

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Patna: Madhepura MP Pappu Yadav, speaking at a press conference in Patna on Friday, said he was very much frustrated by the attitude of the Nitish government, so much so that he was considering resigning from the Lok Sabha.

"I am going to raise the issue of Bihar government's attitude towards its public in the Lok Sabha and if things still don't change, I would seriously consider resigning from the Parliament," Yadav, the leader of the Jan Adhikar Party (JAP), said.

Yadav, who first launched a crusade against Bihar's failing education system before switching his focus to the healthcare sector, said that he has written a letter to the Lok Sabha chairperson M. Venkaiyah Naidu to seek clarification on the rights of the Members of the Parliament.

"As a member of the Parliament, I want to know what are my rights and duties because it seems like there is no clear-cut understanding of the role of an MP. If I don't get a reply soon, I will consider resigning from the Lok Sabha," Yadav wrote in the letter.

"As an MP, I had arranged an 'Aapka Sevak, Aapke Dwar' at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS) in Patna on January 7 to understand the plight of patients. However, an FIR was lodged against me at the Shastri Nagar police station at the instruction of the Chief Secretary and Home Secretary of Bihar. Is this the way an MP who is concerned about the welfare of his people treated?" Yadav further wrote in the letter.

The JAP leader also slammed Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of abusing his power and state machinery by announcing formation of a human chain to spread awareness about dowry and child marriage system in Bihar.

"This is an abuse of power and misuse of the government resources. The public should vehemently come out in its opposition," he said.

Yadav further expressed his concerns over the comments made by four Supreme Court judges who earlier said that the democracy was in danger due to questionable attitude of the Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra.

"This is a very serious matter and must be discussed in the Lok Sabha within 48 hours," he said.


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