Nitish in Saran; Warns Mukhias Not to be Misled by Rumors

Nitish Kumar inaugurating many projects in Ekma in Saran district on Thursday.

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Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, during his ongoing 'Vikas Sameeksha Yatra' in Ekma in Saran district on Thursday, said that he was committed to fulfilling his promise of making every lane and every drain in Bihar concrete, one of the seven 'resolutions' he promised last year while still being part of the Mahagathbandhan government.

Arriving at the 'Judge Saheb Maidan' in Ekma in a helicopter, Kumar said that the government was bringing progress one village at a time and until he was successful in all of his resolves, he had no intention of slowing down.

Kumar then went on a long harangue about Panchayat mukhias being brainwashed by his opponents who were spreading rumors that their rights were being gradually chipped away by him because he was visiting the villages without the consent of the local chiefs.

"There is no such plan to take away the rights of the mukhias. This is a rumor being spread by my political rivals and I ask the mukhias not to be fooled by such canard. I am focused on development alone; how can I take away the rights of the mukhias by building concrete lanes and drainage system in their villages? Our resources are quite limited so we have to prioritize all developmental works," he said.

Sticking to his speech template designed for his ongoing 'yatra', the Chief Minister, praised himself patted his back for improving roads and bridges in Bihar and implementing prohibition in the state. He also asked people to support him in eradicating child marriage and dowry system by joining hands in the human chain to be made across Bihar on January 21.

"I am only in favor of progress and I don't do politics in the name of development," he declared.

Kumar then visited Ward Number 18 to review construction of toilets and faucets with running water.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister unveiled 275 new schemes and inaugurated 56 plans for a price tag of over Rs. 416 crore by pushing the button of a remote control.

Water Resources Minister Lallan Singh, Health Minister Mangal Pandey, and BJP MP Janardan Singh Sigriwal also addressed the gathering in Ekma.


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