Sushil Modi Talks about Crime against Women in Bihar

Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi at a meeting on violence against women in Bihar.

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Patna: Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi, speaking at a program on crime against women in Bihar in Patna on Friday, said that the government was mulling to post DSPs in each district specifically to deal with social crimes committed against women.

Speaking at the conference hall of Bihar Veterinary College, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader said that research that goes into solving a crime plays a big role in the maintenance of law and order and every effort should be made to encourage use of modern, scientific tools that help police crack cases swiftly and keep crime under control.

"Research plays a huge rule in bringing justice to the victims of violence. We all know that any law in the book can be abused by the perpetrators but just because they are sometimes used for selfish and wrong reasons does not mean that all the cases that are brought before the police are fake and bundle of lies. This is where research comes into play," Modi said.

The BJP leader who is never short of figures and statistics to highlight his argument, said that though the national average for rape was 6.3 for a population of 1 lakh each, Bihar was in a much better condition with 2 rapes for the same number of people.

"Though all such acts are heinous and deplorable, Bihar's numbers are not as bad as the national average. Last year alone, 168 people were convicted for such crime in Bihar which is very good for the state," he said.

National Women's Commission (NWC) member Sushma Sahu expressed her concerns for growing crime against women in Bihar. She also advocated for more women cops to deal with crimes involving women.

ADG (CID) Vinay Kumar talked about the issue of human trafficking saying that each year about 3000 children are reported missing out of which police succeed in recovering 2000 children while other 1000 kids are not found.

"Out of this 1000, around 600 are small girls," he said.

Senior IPS officials including DG K A Dwivedi, Gupteshwar Pandey, ADG Alok Raj and J S Gangwar were among many who were present on the occasion.


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