Nitish Touts Success on Social Front in the Absence of Economic Achievements

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar speaking at the 6th India Field Regional Commonwealth Parliamentary Union Conference in Patna on Saturday.

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Patna: It was classic Nitish Kumar at the 6th India Field Regional Commonwealth Parliamentary Union Conference in Patna on Saturday where he tried to separate himself from the rest of the politicians who 'cared only about the voters and not about the votes'.

"These days politicians do everything keeping votes in their mind. I am not one of those; I do everything keeping voters in my mind. I don't worry about the votes; people can vote whoever they want to vote," the Chief Minister, who had not much to talk about his success on economic front, said at Gyan Bhawan in the presence of Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan and guests from other states.

Kumar, checking all the boxes containing names of leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Ram Manohar Lohia, Karpoori Thakur, and Jaya Prakash Narayan, said that he always kept their ideals, including their insistence on decentralized state governments, in mind while promoting and planning developmental projects in Bihar.

"A centralized plan may help a certain section and certain groups of people but a decentralized system could benefit the entire nation. The Center has adopted guidelines of the United Nations on issues like poverty, hunger, health, education, climate, gender equality, social justice, and energy into account and we are also making progress by keeping these issues in mind," he said.

The Chief Minister then touted his initiative in self-help group 'Jeevika' which, he said, was adopted by the Center as well.

"Today there are nearly eight lakh such groups in India and their number is expected to go up to ten lakh within a year. Jeevika has not only given confidence to the women, it has also increased household income in many families. We also implemented prohibition in Bihar at the request of the women of Bihar," Kumar said adding his initiative to end dowry system and child marriage system in the state has also gained currency following the world's largest ever human chain in Bihar in support these causes.

Kumar also delved on the glorious history of Bihar mentioning names of Buddha, Mahavir, Chandragupta, Chanakya, Kind Ashoka, Guru Govind Singh, and Aryabhatt saying at one-time, entire India was ruled from the ancient city of Pataliputra.

"We are working hard to restore the glory of Bihar," he said.


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