IGIMS Service Affected Following Boycott by Contract Nurses

Contract nurses protesting outside IGIMS in Patna on Monday.

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Patna: Contract nurses at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS) in Patna on Monday boycotted their work and protested outside the hospital against a cut in their salaries that were raised by a private headhunting company not too long ago.

Talking to the reporters, Medical Superintendent Dr. Manish Mandal said that the nurses were originally hired for a salary of Rs. 18,000 per month. However, the nurses continued to demand salary equal to the wages paid to nurses in other big hospitals after which M-4 company, the company that sends temporary nurses to hospitals across the state, raised their salary to Rs. 38,000 per month.

This led to an internal audit of the M-4 following which the decision to give a raise to the nurses was reversed.

When rumors of IGIMS Director Dr. S K Shahi trying to sack the contractual nurses started to go around in the hospital, the nurses boycotted their duties and came out in protest against the hospital administration and the decision to cut back on their salaries.

As a result of the boycott involving 60 contract nurses, service was badly affected in the Special Ward and other wards of the hospital.

The boycott is expected to continue on Tuesday though permanent nurses are still performing their duties as expected.


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