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Patna: At least two dozen huts were destroyed in a fire in Patna on Sunday when a cooking gas cylinder exploded in a hut by the side of Patna-Digha railway line in Shivpuri causing a series of similar explosions involving five more such cylinders.

{gallery}newsimages2018/mar/031118{/gallery}As reported, the fire began at one of the shacks owned by one Anita Devi, a widow. This led to the explosion of two LPG cylinders. Some of its pieces fell over 300 feet on other huts igniting massive fire and then more bursting of cooking gas cylinders for a total of six cylinders.

Fortunately, no one was said to be hurt in the incident.

With wind blowing from the east, it took only minutes for the fire to spread in 27 other huts by the side of the railway line.

Four fire trucks battled the blaze for nearly four hours to finally bring the situation under control.

The fire rendered dozens of people homeless. Authorities were making arrangement for shelter and food for the victims.

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