Pappu Yadav Lends Support to Protesting Sub-Inspector Aspirants

Madhepura MP Pappu Yadav speaking at a protest rally in Patna on Monday.

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Patna: Four days after the police chased them away with swirling batons leading to injuries to many, sub-inspector aspirants demanding cancelation of the entrance test held earlier gathered once again near Gandhi Maidan in Patna on Monday to reiterate their demand only to be constrained again by the law enforcement officials.

The march consisting of thousands of protestors began at Bhikhna Pahari and after passing through Naya Tola, Hathua Market, and Bakerganj, arrived at the JP Roundabout near Hotel Maurya where they were stopped by the security officials.

Sub-inspector aspirants protesting in Patna on Monday.

This led to a minor standoff between the protestors and the law enforcement officials but the situation was soon brought under control. However, the protestors sat on the road disrupting the traffic for more than two hours.

Jan Adhikar Party (JAP) leader and MP from Madhepura Pappu Yadav added fuel to the fire by joining the protest and expressing his support for the agitating candidates.

Standing atop a rickshaw with a microphone in his hand, Yadav asked the government to fulfill the demand of the students or prepare to face a long, winded stir across Bihar.

A delegation of the protestors, however, was allowed to go to the Governor's residence where it handed over a memo of its demands to the Governor's secretary.

Pappu Yadav meeting with CM Nitish Kumar.

Candidates for the sub-inspector posts have been demanding cancelation of the exam previously held claiming the question paper was leaked two hours before the exam putting many honest, hard-working students in a disadvantageous position.

Pappu Yadav later met with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar at his residence where he raised the issue of the sub-inspector aspirants.

Errata - Earlier the story described Pappu Yadav as an MP from Madhubani. He is, in fact, an MP from Madhepura as an astute reader noticed. We regret the error.


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