Mock Fire Drill at Patna Airport

Airport Authority of India carries out mock fire drill at Patna Airport on Thursday.

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Patna: Firefighters of the Airports Authority of India (AAI) carried out a drill at Patna's Jaya Prakash Narayan International Airport on Thursday to show and test their readiness to battle fire in the event of any such accident.

Staging fire on the runway, control tower, and the terminal, trained firefighters battled flames under various conditions to test their preparedness and to find any glitch in their exercise that may put the airport or the passengers under any kind of danger.

The drill was part of the Fire Safety Week that is being observed nationwide by the AAI since April 14.

Mock fire drill at Patna Airport on Thursday.Mock fire drill at Patna Airport on Thursday.

Bihar State Disaster Management Authority Deputy Chairperson Vyasji who was the chief guest at the drill, praised the firefighters for their agility and their ability to remain cool under tense condition.

Airport Director Rajendra Singh Lahauria told the reporters that Patna Airport was equipped with top firefighting machines and gears making them ready for just about any kind of fire-related situation.

"Our men are trained and kept in shape to deal with any kind of contingency including evacuating passengers from a burning plane or the terminal," he said.


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