Week-long Road Safety Awareness Week Begins in Bihar

Patna DM flags off road safety week rally on Monday.

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Patna: Bihar government on Monday launched its much-hyped road safety awareness week in Patna on Monday even as the number of road-related fatalities continued to rise in the state with at least 15 deaths reported in the past 24 hours alone from across the state including one in the state capital.

The program with a dismal track record of its impact, aims to raise awareness about the deadly effects of speeding, not following street signs, failing to wear helmets, and reckless use of cell phones while driving or crossing roads.

Patna District Magistrate (DM) Kumar Ravi who flagged off the rally from Kargil Chowk said that this year the awareness program was being observed throughout Bihar and not just in Patna.

School-children carrying placards with road safety messages urged bikers to use helmets while asking car, bus, and truck drivers to mind their speed and share roads with the bikers, other drivers, and pedestrians to avoid tragedies on Bihar roads and highways.

Members of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) and family members of police officials also took part in today's rally.

Speaking on the occasion, the District Magistrate (DM) said that new safety signs and warnings would be placed near hospitals and educational institutions in Patna besides launching a training program for bus and truck drivers to minimize fatalities on Bihar roads.

Meanwhile, cops across the state fined thousands of bikers for riding without helmets and also fined many for failing to use seat belts while driving cars.


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