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Controversy Erupts after AIIMS in Delhi Discharges Lalu Prasad Yadav

Congress President Rahul Gandhi meeting with RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav at AIIMS in New Delhi on Monday.

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New Delhi: Fit enough to hold political meetings with leaders like Congress President Rahul Gandhi but sick enough so as not to leave one of the best medical facilities in the nation, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav, his family members, and supporters cried foul when the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi, on Monday, ordered the discharge of the former Chief Minister of Bihar saying he was well enough to be shifted to Ranchi where he is serving time after being convicted in multiple cases related to the fodder scam.

Yadav, after remaining behind bars for a few days at Ranchi's Birsa Munda Jail, had complained of health issues forcing the Jharkhand government to shift him to a local hospital on March 17. However, after Yadav's family complained of not adequate medical care available at the Ranchi hospital, they managed to get the RJD chief move to Delhi's AIIMS where he was brought in on March 29.

On Monday, a group of AIIMS doctors treating Yadav, concluded that the RJD chief's condition had improved and was fit to be sent back to Ranchi.

The decision to discharge Yadav came just hours after Congress President Rahul Gandhi paid a formal visit to Yadav in the hospital.

Though the meeting was said to be 'merely a courtesy visit' by Gandhi, reports said it was more than just that as Yadav's hospital room in Delhi was being used as an unofficial RJD office for obvious political reasons.

Detractors of Yadav have maintained that the RJD chief was using his sickness as an excuse to avoid spending time in his jail cell while also using the hospital room in New Delhi as his office to conduct political business.

The AIIMS move has resulted in a controversy with Yadav, his family members, and supporters calling it an act of political vendetta by the Narendra Modi administration.

"This is a conspiracy and an attempt on my life as I am not fit to be admitted in the Ranchi hospital that lacks many basic medical amenities," Yadav told his supporters.

{gallery}newsimages2018/apr/043018{/gallery}In a letter fired to the AIIMS administration, Yadav, on the official RJD letterhead, wrote that the decision to discharge him was taken in haste as he was not fit enough to return to Ranchi. "I am suffering from heart and kidney ailments aside from being a diabetic. The hospital in Ranchi is not well-equipped to deal with these conditions and if something happened to me, AIIMS would be held responsible for it," part of the one-page-long letter reads.

Yadav's son and former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Tejaswi Yadav also expressed his protest over his father's 'premature' discharge from the Delhi hospital saying it reeked of political vendetta and the decision was taken in haste due to pressure from 'above'.

The news of AIIMS issuing order to discharge Yadav also did not go down well with his supporters who gathered outside the hospital in Delhi and clashed with the security guards and hospital employees while also breaking glass doors and windows.

The hospital has filed a complaint with the Delhi police alleging RJD workers engaged in vandalism and threatened hospital staff of dire consequences.


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