Another BSEB Scandal; 40,000 Answer Sheets Go Missing

Gopalganj school principal taken into custody in Patna after matric exam sheets go missing.

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Patna: Despite Chief Minister's repeated commitment to improve education in the state, Bihar School of Examination Board (BSEB) remains mired in scandals and controversies as police in Patna on Monday took the principal of SS Girl's Plus 2 School in Gopalganj Pramod Kumar Srivastava into custody after more than 40,000 answer sheets of the matriculation exam were found to be missing from a locked room of an evaluation center in Gopalganj.

The fact that 214 bags containing nearly 40,000 answer sheets went missing came to light when two BSEB officials sought to pull out answer sheets of some of the toppers for a second evaluation last Saturday.

When officials started to search for the answer sheets, they found 214 bags containing the documents missing from the locked room.

Srivastava said he had nothing to do with the disappearance of the answer sheets and he was as perplexed by the incident as anyone else since only he and a care-taker had the key to the strong room.

"I immediately filed an FIR with the Gopalganj police station and am cooperating with the police to get to the bottom of the case," he said as he was hauled to a police station in Patna on Tuesday for further questioning.

Authorities have questioned 21 employees of the school though police have no suspect yet.


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