Missing 42,000 Answer Sheets Recovered from a Kabari Shop

AISF activists protesting outside BSEB office in Patna.

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Patna: Less than a week after it was discovered that nearly 42,000 copies of Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) answer sheets mysteriously went missing from a regional BSEB locked office, a police team on Saturday traced the papers at a scrap dealer, or Kabari shop, in Hajiapur in Gopalganj district.

The state police, after BSEB was hit by yet another scandal exposing it of utter ineptness last week, had formed a Special Investigating Team (SIT) to get to the bottom of the mystery. During their probe, it was found out that a caretaker,of the regional BSEB office in Gopalganj, who was identified as one Chhotu Singh, had sold the answer sheets to a local scrap dealer identified as one Pappu Gupta for a price of Rs. 8,500.

Police raided the shop on Saturday and recovered all 42,000 papers neatly stacked in 216 bundles.

Gupta and one of his employees were taken into police custody for further interrogation though no words on any action against the caretaker who actually sold the test papers to the recycling shop.

As reported before, 42,000 answer sheets from SS Girls Plus 2 School in Gopalganj were found to be missing when BSEB officials started looking for them for re-evaluation of a handful of answer sheets.

School Principal Pramod Kumar Srivastava, who denied playing any role in the missing of the answer sheets, was also arrested by the state police for further grilling.

Meanwhile, Patna High Court has asked the state government to come up with an explanation for this snafu within a month.

A senior police official in Gopalganj said that while it was quite common for the school to sell off their old test papers for recycling, it remains to be determined whether there was an ulterior motive behind this particular deal.


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