Nitish Repeats Prohibition Talking Points

Nitish Kumar inaugurating International Day against Drug Abuse in Patna on Tuesday.

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Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, speaking at the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Patna on Tuesday, once again reiterated his resolve to continue with his prohibition policy saying its merits easily outweighed its demerits in a state like Bihar.

"We will be introducing a number of changes in the existing model of prohibition during the monsoon session of the Legislative Council. We have the data from the last two years and based on that, amendments will be introduced in the alcohol policy that will aim to get rid of some of its loopholes while making it even more effective without putting excessive pressure on innocent people. Regardless of the modifications, prohibition in Bihar is here to stay and there will not be any compromise on it," the Chief Minister said at the Adhiweshan Bhawan on Tuesday.

Saying prohibition was not his personal issue but a responsibility of all, Kumar appealed to law enforcement officials to enforce law but do more than just that like spreading awareness about the use of alcohol and how it destroys families and eventually the society.

Patting himself on the back, the Janata Dal – U leader said that it was not an ordinary feat to impose prohibition and no one dared to even think about it but he, on the other hand, took it upon himself to elevate Bihar to the next level by creating an atmosphere where alcohol did not play any role in the social fabric of the state.

"Chief Ministers of other states tell me that because of the huge success in Bihar, they were also considering imposing ban on the use of alcohol from their state. Interestingly, it's the women of these states who are putting pressure on the government for prohibition. I have asked these Chief Ministers to send their official team to Bihar to study how prohibition has brought happiness and peace in villages and other parts of the state," he said.

"Those who were blowing their money on alcoholic drinks are now buying sweets, cheese, readymade clothes and other items," Kumar said.

The Chief Minister also produced numbers stating health of people in Bihar had improved by a whopping 86% since prohibition was introduced in the state and income of over 75% of the people had also gone up as a direct result of the ban on alcohol.

"Furthermore, savings among 83% of the population has gone up and depression among people has declined by 81%. Seventy-seven percent people are now under less stress than during the pre-prohibition days," he said.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister inaugurated new warehouses in 35 districts to store seized alcohol consignments and also launched a CD and a training booklet to promote life without alcohol in Bihar.


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