Nitish Alerts Administration to Prepare for Drought in Bihar

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar holding his weekly Jan Samvad in Patna on Monday.

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Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, talking to the reporters at the conclusion of his weekly Jan Samvad program in Patna on Monday, said that Bihar was the prime candidate for special economic status and he will continue to demand for it in spite of the fact that the NDA government was financially helping the state by providing 'extra assistance'.

"We are certainly getting extra assistance from the Narendra Modi government that is helping the state in many ways but it still cannot reach its potential without special category status that would help speed up all development projects. I will continue to push for it because no state deserves it more than Bihar," the Chief Minister said adding he would even put his demand before the 15th Finance Commission when it comes to Bihar.

Continuing to make his case for special status, Kumar, who has all but given up on capital investment in the state, said that Bihar was a land-locked state where investors were reluctant to put their money in.

"They will come if we give them special tax incentives and this is where special status would come very handy," he said.

Earlier, the Chief Minister also held a meeting with his cabinet members and senior government officials to discuss draught-like situation in Bihar that is witnessing less than average rainfall so far this monsoon season.

Alerting the Disaster Management, Kumar asked it to be prepared for the worst in case the rain god was not as generous as anticipated. He also put the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED), Health Department, and Agriculture Department on notice in the event Bihar is hit by a major drought situation.


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