Patna: Rashtriya Lok Samata Party leader and Central Minister Upendra Kushwaha, who has his eyes on Bihar Chief Minister's post for quite some time, talking to a private news channel in Patna on Wednesday, said that the NDA should put forward a new Chief Ministerial face in 2020 and Nitish Kumar should voluntarily step down and move on to bigger things at the national level.

"Fifteen years in the same position is too long of a period for any person. I know Nitish Kumar very closely and I believe he himself will announce that he does not want to be Bihar's Chief Minister again. I am not playing politics here, I am speaking from my long experience in politics," he said.

Kushwaha's statement, not surprisingly, did not fly too well with the Janata Dal – U, the party of Nitish Kumar, that wasted no time in slamming the Union Minister saying his comments were nonsensical and did not reflect the sentiments of other constituents of the NDA in Bihar.

Party spokesperson K C Tyagi said that RLSP was the smallest party in the NDA whose existence or non-existence in the alliance did not make much difference.

"Like Madhu Koda in Jharkhand state, RLSP is a one-man party. His statements do not mean anything. People of Bihar have elected Nitish Kumar thrice and he is the Chief Minister of Bihar because of his own popularity and not because someone did a favor to him. If Upendra Kushwaha has made up his mind to leave the NDA, no one can stop him. However, his exit will not make a bit of difference on the health of the NDA. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi and Nitish Kumar in Bihar – the NDA is completely united on their candidacy," Tyagi said.

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