JD-U Leader Fires Back at her Opponents over Shelter Home Rape Case

Social Welfare Minister Manju Verma speaking to reporters in Patna on Thursday.

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Patna: Bihar Social Welfare Minister Manju Verma, reacting sharply to allegations made against her husband Chandrashekhar Verma in connection with the systemic rape of young girls in a children's shelter home in Muzaffarpur saying she was being harassed by the opposition leaders because they belonged to a backward caste.

"A political conspiracy against my husband and I have been hatched by those in the opposition parties to remove me from my post because we happen to come from a backward community. It is true that my husband once visited the shelter in Muzaffarpur but I was with him at that time. We neither saw any abuse nor my husband abused anyone. It is clear that there are some people in the opposition that are out to get me and my husband but I will not allow them to get away with their nefarious, despicable scheme," Verma said.

Earlier in the state Assembly, the opposition leaders disrupted the proceedings a multiple times demanding resignation of the minister saying not only she did not know about the abuse going on in the shelter home, her husband, in fact, participated in some of those cases.

"Not only I will resign from my post, I will retire from politics for the rest of my life," she said.

Admitting she visited the girls' shelter with her husband nearly two years, Verma said that it was the only time her husband ever went to Muzaffarpur.

"I was with him all the time and I have nothing to hide. Anyone can see that the opposition is trying to politicize a heinous act like rape to advance its heinous agenda They are trying to frame us to create a narrative that the government is indifferent to the safety of the people of Bihar, particularly girls and women. They would have blamed me and my husband even if we had never gone to the shelter home at all. However, I will fight tooth and nail to protect our reputation and will not allow the opposition to get away with it," the Janata Dal – U leader said.

Playing the caste card, Verma said that she belongs to the Kushwaha community, a backward caste, and that is why she was being targeted by those on the opposition side of the aisle.

Earlier, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar recommended a CBI probe in the matter though that did not satisfy the opposition leaders who continued to disrupt the Assembly proceedings until it was adjourned sine die.

"Now that the matter is in the hands of the CBI, facts will soon come out. I am quite sure my husband and I will be exonerated of all allegations that are meant to destroy our lives," Verma said.

Reports said that Manju Verma's husband's name came up when an accused in the shelter home rape case accused him of being one of those who engaged in sexual act with under-age girls.


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