Three Arrested in Government Official's Murder Case

SSP Manu Maharaj holding a press conference following the arrests of three men accused of murdering a government employee.

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Patna: Police in Patna on Friday arrested three men in connection with the murder of a government official during an armed robbery on the night of 14th August, a day before the Independence Day, in a government quarter in R-Block.

Rajiv Kumar, Upper Secretary in the Planning Department of the Government of Bihar, was shot and killed in his own home when three masked men gained entry into his quarter on the night of August 14 with the intention to commit robbery.

Police arrested three men from a nearby slum and charged them with murder, armed robbery, breaking-in, terrorizing and a number of other crimes. They also recovered two country-made pistols, cartridges, some case, and jewelries stolen from the victim's home.

As reported by the victim's widow Rajni Ranjan, she and other members of the family were sleeping on the night of August 14 when three masked men entered into their home by first gaining access to their roof.

Two of the men were holding pistols while another one held an iron rod. Another man waited outside to keep an eye on the surrounding

Once inside, they locked everyone in a room and emptied an almirah containing Rs. 40,000 in cash and over Rs. 4 lakh in jewelries and other valuable items. When one of the criminals made some lewd remarks at 14-year old Antara, daughter of Rajiv and Rajni, Rajiv understandably become very angry and charged towards one of the criminals at which point another criminal shot him from a close range and escaped.

With the help of neighbors, Rajiv was taken to a private hospital near Pataliputra Roundabout where he died shortly.


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