Anti-Encroachment Drive in Patna; East Boring Canal Road Cleared

Illegal construction being removed on West Boring Canal Road in Patna on Saturday.

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Patna: District administration in Patna on Saturday launched a massive crackdown on encroachment demolishing a number of illegal constructions on Boring Canal Road in the presence of District Magistrate (DM) Kumar Ravi and Patna Divisional Commissioner Anand Kishore.

Wrecking crew on giant land-movers tore up illegally-constructed boundary walls, shops, and other structures ignoring the pleas of the occupants as policemen remained on alert to deal with any situation.

Anti-encroachment drive was simultaneously carried out at different places in the state capital including East Boring Canal Road, Jagdeo Path, Hartali Chowk, and Kankarbagh, officials said..

Things slightly got heated up when a restaurant owner on West Boring Canal Road got into an argument with Additional Municipal Commissioner Sheila Irani when the demolition men showed up to tear up illegal boundary wall built by the proprietor. However, once the DM warned him about him trying to interfere with a court order that might lead to his arrest on warrant that does not allow bail, the owner backed out and the demolition crew was able to do its job without further interference or protest.

The DM said that all the encroachers were given fair warning in advance and if they chose to ignore it, there was nothing they could do to stop it now.

"We will file FIRs against those who try to obstruct the district administration's work. The anti-encroachment drive will continue in different locations until the end of this month as per the court order," Anand Kishore said.


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