Congress to Go to the People's Court on Rafale Issue: Gohil

Congress leaders holding a press conference in Patna on Wednesday.

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Patna: In what is being perceived by many as a payback for the Bofors scandal that led to the defeat of Rajiv Gandhi-led Congress rule in 1989, Shakti Singh Gohil, the Bihar in-charge of the Congress Party, on Wednesday, in a concerted effort from the top down, accused the Narendra Modi government of willfully engaging in corruption related to the purchase of Rafale fighter plane from France.

Speaking at a press conference at Scada Center in Patna, Gohil said that the Rafale issue was not just financial and corruption but also a matter of great national security.

"We will take this Rafale scandal to the people's court and expose the massive corruption in the Modi government," the Congress leader said.

Continuing to make a case for his party, Gohil said that there was a wide discrepancy between what the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders say in public and what they do behind the scene.

"BJP leaders cannot be trusted because they say one thing and do another. Voice of truth and dissent is being crushed. Be it its own party leader Shatrughan Sinha or a journalist, BJP is attempting to silence them for speaking the truth," he said.

Gohil further said that the erstwhile UPA government at the Center, after carefully scrutinizing bids from different companies, had made a deal with the French company to purchase Rafale fighter planes for a price of Rs. 526.10 crore with the condition that 18 of these planes would be built in the French factory while the rest would be built in India by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

"However, when the BJP government came into power, it authorized France to build all planes. When asked about the cost of each plane, the Modi government shrugged it off saying it was confidential and a matter of national security. These are the same people who toppled the Congress government in 1989 citing irregularities in the Bofors deal," he said.

Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee President Kaukab Qadri, Premchand Mishra, Madan Mohan Jha, Alpesh Thakore and others were present at the press conference.


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