ASHA Workers Take Out Rally in Patna to Press for their Demands

Anganbari workers taking out a protest rally in Patna on Thursday.

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Patna: Hundreds of ASHA workers, or Accredited Social Health Activists, took out a protest rally in Patna on Thursday to press for their demands that includes a raise in their stipend and status of a government employee.

Beginning their march from the Ram Ghoolam Chowk at the Gandhi Maidan-Exhibition Road intersection, ASHA workers, also known as 'Anganbari' workers, arrived at the District Magistrate's office on the other side of the Maidan where they blocked the road for more than an hour and chanted anti-Narendra Modi and anti-Nitish slogans to build pressure on both central and state governments to submit to their demands.

"We are treated worse than bonded labors and are paid only Rs. 3000 per month. The government loves to talk about women empowerment and women welfare but has no time to look into our condition. We demand immediate raise in our stipend and status of a government employee so we are also entitled to retirement, pension, and other benefits like all government workers," said a protestor.

ASHA workers protesting in Patna on Thursday.

ASHA workers also threatened to vote against NDA candidates in the coming Lok Sabha elections if their demands were not met soon and without any condition.

Despite minor clashes with the police, the rally, by and large, remained peaceful though it caused major traffic jam around Gandhi Maidan causing gridlocks on other major roads like Frazer Road, Exhibition road, and Bailey Road.


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