Extreme Security Arrangement for Dussehra in Patna

Patna District Magistrate Kumar Ravi talking about security arrangement for Dussehra in Patna.

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Patna: Patna District Magistrate (DM) Kumar Ravi and Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Manu Maharaj, along with other top police officials, held a high-level meeting at the Bapu Sabhagar on Monday to give final touch to security, traffic, and other arrangements to ensure smooth passage of the Dussehra festival.

The DM said that entry into the Maidan between October 17 and 19 would be restricted for the public for obvious security reasons and the entire field will be monitored from all sides by dozens of closed-circuit cameras and hundreds of armed policemen to deal with any situation until the festival comes to an end with the 'Burning of Lanka', or 'Ravan Vadh' on October 19.

Everyone entering the Maidan during the Ravan Vadh will be subject to thorough security check and objectionable items will be seized at the entrances. Furthermore, security towers will be set up at each gate with armed guards monitoring every single move of people on CCTV screens to maintain safety and security of the VIPs and other visitors, the DM said.

SSP Manu Maharaj at Bapu Sabhagar in Patna on Monday.

The SSP, in his address, talked about drinking water and medical arrangement at the Maidan along with the presence of fire trucks just in case the fireworks show gets out of hand.

Furthermore, police will be cracking down on speeders, particularly those on motorbikes, to avoid accidents involving pedestrians in view of the large crowd expected in the city on account of the Lanka Dahan on 19th.

"Motorcycle squad of the city police would be roaming the streets of Patna, including the by-lanes, to prevent people from driving like crazy and those who are found to be in violation of the rules will have to spend the night in the jail," Maharaj said.


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