Chhath Puja Begins on Sunday with Nahai-Khai

A vendor selling green bananas at Bazaar Samiti in Patna on Saturday.

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Patna: Patna was buzzing with activities related to Chhath festival, arguably Bihar's biggest religious event, as devotees hit the shops and markets early Saturday morning to purchase items like 'soop', 'daura', clay oven, sugarcane, banana, dry coconut etc. to prepare for Nahai-Khai that will be observed on Sunday.

From large fruit and vegetable markets like the one in Kadam Kuan, Anta Ghat, and Bazaar Samiti to nearly every street corner, vendors have set up their stalls selling various puja items, fruits and vegetables offering competitive prices to earn business.

However, the biggest crowd was seen at Bazaar Samiti where hundreds of vendors were stocking up huge inventory of green bananas, apples, dry coconuts, and sugarcane. With wholesalers cutting off middlemen, prices of all items were considerably cheaper compared to other shops in the city.

Meanwhile, heavy security arrangement was made to handle millions of people who will be offering 'arghya' at various Patna Ghats to the setting and rising sun on November 13 and 14 respectively.

Officials will be monitoring the situation at all ghats that have been color-coded with different color barricading to separate safe zones from the dangerous ones.


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