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Boy Missing After Falling in an Open Drain in Patna

The open drainage that swallowed a 10-year old boy in Patna on Saturday.

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Patna: In yet another tragedy that could have easily been avoided had the Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) been doing its job, a 10-year old boy fell into a open drain in Punaichak area on Saturday launching a massive search and rescue operation by the State Disaster Response Fore (SDRF) until late evening.

{gallery}newsimages2018/nov/111718{/gallery}Despite over a dozen divers searching for the boy, there was no sign of him hours after the tragedy occurred.

Police said Deepak Kumar, a class V student and the son of a fruit vendor Guddu Kumar, was walking towards his home around 1:30 pm with one of his friends when he fell into a drainage pit attached to drainage tunnel located near a sump house.

Deepak is the only son of Guddu Kumar who is also the father of three young girls.

Rahul Kumar, a friend of Deepak who was with him when the tragedy struck, said that as they reached the open tank, a street cow startled Deepak by suddenly charging towards him. As Deepak tried to avoid the cow, he fell in the tank and disappeared within moments.

Meanwhile, PMC put the blame on the Bihar State Water Board saying it operated the sump house and was responsible for the open drainage in the area.

Divers were still searching for the missing boy though hopes of recovering him was dimming with the passage of each moment.

Family members and neighbors were seen trying to console victim's mother Ramkali Devi as her condition continued to deteriorate. Deepak's three sisters Shobha, Sonakshi, and Surabhi were also in a bad shape.


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