Former BJP Leader Kirti Azad to Launch Anti-NDA Stir in Bihar

Former BJP leader Kirti Azad holding a press conference in Patna on Wednesday.

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Patna: Suspended Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from Darbhanga Kirti Azad, at a press conference in Patna on Wednesday, took shots at his former party and also at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar saying the two had cheated the voters in the name of development.

"Both the BJP at the center and Nitish Kumar had come to power by promising unprecedented growth and development under their administration and both failed to keep their promises. I am going to launch a statewide agitation against the NDA government in Bihar in February to let people know how they have been duped by the Nitish administration," Azad said.

The former test cricketer also talked about rising crime in the state saying businessmen and traders were being killed almost every week forcing law abiding citizens to flee the state in large numbers.

Azad, whose father Bhagwat Jha Azad was a prominent Congress leader and an ex-Chief Minister of Bihar, is said to be leaning towards joining his father's party though he stopped short of saying that.

"I will contest the Lok Sabha election from Darbhanga; that I can say for sure. However, I will announce the name of the party only after January 18 at the end of the 'kharna' period," he said.

The former BJP leader refused to give any credit to the Nitish government for the new airport in Darbhanga saying the state government had nothing to do with it as it were the MPs from north Bihar who had launched a campaign to build an airport in the region and had met with the Prime Minister on this matter.

"Now that the airport is going to be a reality, both Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister came here to snatch credit for it. Even at this event, they insulted me and the entire Mithila region when they made me sit in an obscure corner instead of on the stage with other leaders who had nothing to do with this airport," Azad said.

Azad, who was suspended from the BJP in 2015 after he criticized his own party member and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley over alleged irregularities and corruption in Delhi Cricket Association, blamed the state government for failing to allot three acres of land for five railway over-bridges in Darbhanga that he had gotten the Congress-led UPA government to approve in 2013.

"They did not even give us three inches of land let alone three acres. I am going to expose the failures of this government during my statewide stir that will begin next month," he said.


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