Rahul Gandhi Damaged his Own Reputation; Says Nitish

Nitish Kumar (right) with Sushil Kumar Modi in Patna on Monday.

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Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, while talking to reporters following his weekly Lok Samvad program in Patna on Monday, said that Congress president Rahul Gandhi had potential to make a good leader but he spoiled his image by joining hands with corrupt leaders.

“On one hand, he tore up the ordinance that was designed to protect convicted legislators from disqualification; on the other he compromised his principals by hobnobbing with those who either have been convicted or are under investigation on charges of corruption,” the Chief Minister said.

Kumar was referring to a 2013 incident when Gandhi rejected his own party’s ordinance that sought to allow convicted law-makers to contest elections, a move proposed by the then Manmohan Singh government.

“Had he not compromised on corruption, his public image would be entirely different today. By joining hands with corrupt leaders, he has basically proven that corruption is not an issue for him and he is more concerned with his own political career,” the Janata Dal – U leader said.

The Chief Minister also ridiculed Rahul Gandhi’s promise to give Rs. 10,000 per month to each poor family in India saying it was a pre-election stunt that meant nothing.

“It’s the election year; politicians will make false promises. However, vote will go to only those parties that have done something for the people and have something to show for at the ground level,” Kumar said.

Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi was also present at the press conference.


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