Patna: Now that Upendra Kushwaha is not a part of the NDA and has joined hands with Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), Congress, and other allies in the Grand Alliance in Bihar, he is targeting the state government by accusing it of conspiring to get him killed due to his ‘ever-growing popularity’ among the voters.

“The Nitish government was clearly trying to get me killed when it ordered lathi charge on our rally last Saturday. There was no need for this assault that left me and many of my supporters injured because we were holding a peaceful rally. I am going to approach Patna High Court and ask it to order a full investigation on assault on my and other people in the rally,” the Rashtriya Lok Samata Party (RLSP) chief who has a long history of personal rivalry and grudge against Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, said as a press conference on Wednesday.

The former Union Minister in the Narendra Modi government further said that the NDA leaders first tried to sideline him from politics by not giving him even a minute with the Prime Minister but when it failed in its sinister move, it hatched a scheme to get him murdered.

“While police were raining batons on me and my supporters, there were many people in civilian dress who also took part in attacking me in full public view. Hadn’t it been for my party workers, I would have been either dead or seriously injured. I don’t know why this government hates me so much that it would hatch a scheme to get me killed,” Kushwaha said.

Issuing an ultimatum of two days to withdraw its case against him, the RLSP leader said that if the Nitish government did not do so, he would voluntarily surrender himself before the Kotwali police on February 9.

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