Narendra Modi is Incorruptible; Says Union Home Minister

Home Minister Rajnath Singh in Patna on Saturday.

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Patna: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, speaking at a function in Patna on Saturday, pooh-poohed any allegation of corruption against Narendra Modi saying opposition leaders could say a lot of things about the Prime Minister but no one could say he was corrupt or was abusing his power to enrich himself.

“All these talks by the Congress leaders about the so-called Rafale scam is false and are based on political expediency and not on facts. One can disagree about the Prime Minister’s policy but no one can point fingers towards him on the issue of corruption. Why would he even take money in kickbacks or bribes – for his wife or his children?” the Home Minister said during the PM’s ‘Mann ki Baat’ at Adhiweshan Bhawan.

Insisting one should not engage in low-level politics despite political and ideological differences, Singh said he himself has never engaged in destructive politics and have always minded his language in describing opposing leaders.

“I have known Modiji for a long time and we have worked together even before he was elected the Prime Minister of India and I know that all allegations against him made by Congress and other opposing parties are patently false and a clear attempt to smear his clean image,” he said.

Turning table on the Rahul Gandhi-led Congress Party, the Home Minister said that Congress was in power for 55 long years and yet India is considered a poor country. “Why is that?” he demanded to know adding this image had been changing in the global community since Modi became the PM of India.

Exuding confidence about the outcome of next Lok Sabha polls, Singh said that the NDA was going to sweep Bihar by winning at all 40 seats.

“People of Bihar will elect Mr. Modi to a second term with a large margin. We expect to win at least 300 seats in the coming polls,” the BJP leader said.


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