Woman’s Foot Gets Stuck in Patna Junction Escalator

Broken escalator at Patna Junction cordoned off on Monday.

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Patna: Authorities at Patna Junction on Monday shut down the escalator at the western end of the railway station after a woman’s foot got stuck in it forcing the authorities to cut open the steps to free the woman from the sinkhole.

As reported, around 12 pm, a woman with her husband and other family members was climbing the escalator that had been out of operation for the last few days to go over to Platform Number 6 to catch a train to Ara. However, as she put her foot on one of the steps, it sunk and the woman’s foot got stuck in it.

Despite her attempt to pull her foot out of the hole, things only got worse as the women writhed in pain yelling for help.

Railway officials summoned engineers from the electricity department who used hammers and steel cutters to cut open the stair to free the woman’s foot from the hole.

After receiving first aid at the railway station, the woman and her family members canceled their trip and went back to their home.

It may be recalled that this escalator was inaugurated with much fanfare just a few months ago. It had been out of operation for the last few days and was being used as a regular, stationery staircase by the passengers.


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