Freak Accident Kills One Outside Karbigahia Station in Patna

Police investigate scene of a tragic accident in Patna on Wednesday.

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Patna: In a tragic incident, a man died when a respiratory oxygen tank he was carrying for an elderly woman fell on the ground and exploded killing him instantly outside the Karbigahia end of the Patna Junction on Wednesday afternoon.

The body of the man who was identified as one Harendra Singh, a IVth grade employee in the agriculture department of the state government, was blown into pieces when the cylinder exploded, eyewitnesses said.

The tragedy occurred around 3:15 pm when Singh, a native of Bhojpur district, brought the mother of senior Agriculture Department officer Rajiv Kumar to the Karbigahia railway station from where she was to go to her native village in Jha Jha by Pataliputra Express.

The woman, identified as Chinta Devi, suffers from serious respiratory ailments and relies on portable oxygen tanks for breathing. Harendra Singh, after pulling the car outside the railway station, was trying to help the woman out of the car while also taking out the gas cylinder from the vehicle. However, as the fate would be, the tank slipped out of his hand and fell on the ground causing it to burst with a loud bang.

Singh’s body was blown into pieces with some body parts flying more than 25-meter away from the accident spot.

Police are investigating the case. The remains of the victim was sent to a hospital for post-mortem.


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