Evening Arghya Performed on the Third Day of Chaiti Chhath

Devotees offering 'arghya' in Patna on Thursday.

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Patna: Hundreds of thousands of Hindu devotees in Patna and other parts of Bihar on Thursday evening offered the first 'arghya' on the third day of the 4-day Chaiti Chhath at various ghats of the Ganges amidst very tight security.

The crowd started to swell at all the ghats in Patna as early as 2:00 pm as ‘Vratis’, carrying puja material including ‘daura’, bananas, coconut, sugarcane etc. on their heads began to arrive at various ghats in an attempt to find a convenient place for puja.

After taking a dip in the Ganges, men and women offered prayer to the setting sun in the traditional way that Chhath in Bihar is known for. Tomorrow morning, they will be offering the second 'arghya' which will be followed by breaking the fast signaling the end of the four-day religious festival.

Heavy crowd was seen at Engineering College, or NIT Ghat as it’s called now, Collectorate Ghat, Digha Ghat, Bans Ghat, Darbhanga House, LCT Ghat, Law College, Rani Ghat, and Gai Ghat in Patna where devotees bathed in the holy river prior to offering prayer to the setting sun.

As always, volunteers and private organizations stepped up to clean the roads and by-lanes leading to the Ganges.


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