Patna: Communist Party of India (M) leader Vrinda Karat, despite insinuating the Election Commission (EC) of India was helping the NDA in the Lok Sabha election by refusing to take punitive measures against those who were directly flouting the election code of conduct, predicted that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was headed for a historical loss in southern and northeastern states along with a dismal show in Uttar Pradesh.

"The divisive politics of BJP and RSS is going to cost the NDA this election and that is why the Prime Minister has adopted the strategy of spewing nothing but venom against his opponents. He and his surrogates are using extremely objectionable language to paint their opponents and the EC continues to ignore their despicable behavior," Karat said.

Speaking at the party office on Jamal Road in Patna on Friday, he leftist leader said that this was the first time in the Indian history that a ruling party, instead of talking about real issues that affection millions of Indians every day, is relying on fear and the Indian armed forces to score points at the polling booths.

Contradicting the NDA's message of eradicating corruption from the Indian society, Karat said that schemes like demonetization and GST only helped perpetuate corruption in India where BJP leaders and businessmen's wallets got fatter while poor became poorer.

The CPI-M leader, projecting big wins for the Grand Alliance and leftist parties in Bihar and Bengal, Karat said that the way NDA was meting treating Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav was cruel and inhumane,

She also said that the prohibition on alcohol in Bihar implemented by the Nitish government had failed and only certain people were getting full advantage of it.

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