Major Disaster Averted as Tanker-Truck Overturns on Bypass Road

IOC oil tanker crashes in Patna on Sunday.

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Patna: In what could have been a major human and environmental disaster, an Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) tanker truck in Patna on Sunday afternoon lost control and after slamming a parked tractor and an auto-rickshaw, fell sideways on a service lane on New Bypass Road.

As reported, the IOC tanker loaded with Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) had just left its depot in Sipara on Sunday afternoon. As it approached Khemanichak area, one of its tires busted forcing the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

As the driver tried to regain control of the tanker, it slammed into a parked tractor causing severe damage to it. It then sided an auto-rickshaw before turning on its side on the service lane below the main road.

IOC tanker slams a parked tractor in Patna on Sunday.IOC tanker slams a parked tractor in Patna on Sunday.

The incident caused a panic in the area as people, expecting the worse, ran away from the site of accident in case the tanker caught fire and exploded.

By some miracle, the tanker did not blow up and people began returning to their homes and places of business as soon as IOC officials and disaster relief force arrived at the scene of accident.

Though the driver of the tanker-truck Dinesh Rai was seriously hurt in the incident and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital, no other person was injured in the incident as both the tractor and the auto-rickshaw had no one in it at the time.


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