PMCH Ceiling Piece Falls Off Injuring Two Nurses on Duty

Injured nurse being treated at the PMCH.

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Patna: While Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is talking about turning the ever-crumbling Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) into the 'world's largest hospital with world-class facility', two nurses at the aforementioned hospital were injured when a large piece of the ceiling in the emergency ward fell on them sending them for emergency treatment.

The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon.

Fortunately, four children who were being treated in the same room, escaped any kind of injury.

The two nurses were treated for cuts and bruises though their injuries were not said to be serious.

Nurses and other employees at the hospital said that they had complained about a hanging piece of concrete from the ceiling a number of times but the hospital management continued to ignore it.

"The broken piece was hanging from the ceiling by a thread and posed great danger to nurses and the patients. We even asked them to remove the bed from that location but our warnings were ignored. Now that two nurses have been injured, maybe the officials will wake up now," said a nurse.


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