Mother-Daughter Murder in Danapur Shocks Patna'ites

A police dog sniffing for scents left by the criminal in the double homicide case in Danapur on Saturday.

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Patna: A woman and her married daughter were found dead on Saturday morning after someone had slit their throats in their home in Gabhtaal Gali in Danapur, police in Patna said.

The victims were identified as 45-yar old Seema Devi, wife of Ramdhari Singh, and her 22-year old daughter Tilottama.

As reported, Seema Devi's son Rishikesh Kumar, who works in Ranchi, had been trying to contact his mother and sister for the last two days but was not getting any response on their cell phones. On Friday, worried about their condition, he took a train to Patna arriving at his home on Saturday morning where he found the door locked from outside.

He forced the door open and once inside, he found the murdered bodies of his mother and his sister on bed in two different rooms.

A shocked Rishikesh then called the police who brought in a sniffer dog to pick up any scent of the perpetrator.

Senior police officials representing various precincts, including City Superintendent of Police (West) Abhinav Kumar, arrived at the crime scene and found the hands and feet of both Seema Devi and Tilottama tied with ropes before their throats being slit with a large, sharp knife.

A video surveillance camera has captured the moment during which a man is seen leaving the house at 2:55 am on Friday.

Authorities are focusing on Tilottama husband Mukul Kumar who was said to have come to the house last Thursday night around 10:15 pm but left at 2:55 am on Thursday. It is believed he murdered the two on Thursday night and left their bodies to rot until the son returned from Ranchi on Saturday morning when the grisly crime scene was discovered by him.

Police took the bodies of the victims in their custody to search for any forensic evidence that may lead to the killers of the mother-daughter duo.

A resident of Sampat Chak, Mukul married Tilottama in February this year though some said he was already married to another woman at the time.

The SP expressed his confidence in finding the killer soon. Meanwhile, Mukul is said to have gone in hiding.


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